Sunday, September 17, 2006

In Case You Missed It

A Greek bank robbing Ninja was finally caught by authorities. How often in life do you get to say that?

A Vons employee in San Diego was arrested for putting needles in doughnuts.

A Missouri man find a body buried in the house he'd just bought. Jimmy?!?!?!?

A South Carolina boy handcuffs himself to his stuff reindeer. In an unrelated story, Santa Claus was seen running through the streets yelling "Prancer, Prancer" over and over.

Tenn. Gov. Perdue announces plan to eliminate state income tax for citizens 65 and over.

A British man was killed while flying his kite. This has Monty Python written all over it.

A British man, who forgot where he parked his car, finds it seven months later. Damn, that's one HUGE Wal-Mart parking lot.

It's all about the headline.

And the winner of the 2006 Charles Darwin award? This guy.

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