Sunday, August 14, 2005
Harry Hoots
America Celebrates
60 years ago today Japan officially surrendered effectively ending WWII. We owe our way of life to all the brave boys, now men, who went and fought for their country. We could never give these men, and woman, the thanks they truly deserve. Their country called upon them for help and they answered that call with pride. These are the true heroes of our country. If your lucky enough to have a WWII veteran in your family, or know one, please give them my thanks.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing


Anonymous said...

In the spirit of this, I was out antiquing in the town where I'm staying in Illinois and I found a WW2 newspaper about Hitler invading Poland. It was so cool! I bought it and it's all packed up to come back to LA with me.

Christopher Lee said...

Upload some photos of the paper to show.

Anonymous said...

My WW2 veteran grandfather died of a stroke a few years back. His wife's going a bit dotty, but hopefully this will cheer her up.
My other grandfather was bombed by the US whilst in his house in the European quarter of Japanese-occupied Shanghai... so you know.
And I have no idea where my other two grandfathers were at the time.

[sarcasm]And of course, you got so much help from the Australian government in respect to the Japanese (given that we were busy both trying to get them out of Australian territory and bribe them off with pig-iron so that they wouldn't invade).[/sarcasm]