Thursday, January 19, 2006

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Reason #6 Why I Hate The ACLU
They support the "rights" of child sexual offenders.

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Jake said...

*Please read every single word that I type into this. Do not rush to judgment and accuse me of supporting child molestation.*

I know you'll be shocked to read this, but I agree with the ACLU. I think this entire issue is just another case of Lazy Parenting (TM).

"Oh, no! We have to actually spend time on our children now! Woe is me!"

It's not too difficult to keep up with where your kids are most of the day. I mean, ASK THEM WHERE THEY'RE GOING, WHO THEY WILL BE WITH, and HOW LONG THEY'LL BE GONE!

Of course, this means you'll have to give up a grand total of 2 seconds of watching Survivor or Lost, oh no!

Seriously, however, with cell phones getting cheaper by the day and all these "Family Plans," just buy your kid a cell phone. Heck, they even have a child-friendly phone that has a bunch of preset numbers on it (plus a 911 button).

These parents act as though the sex offender(s) are living in their kids' bedrooms. It's not like the offender wouldn't be on parole and be required to be at work/home/designated area at such time every day/week.

And if not, simply get someone from the neighborhood to talk to the person. "We know about your past, and just want you to know that we will be keeping an eye on you. We'd like to set up some sort of system so that we can be aware of your location at any given time. As long as you are abiding by the law and are not coming into contact with minors, you have nothing to worry about."

Of course, if we actually cared about rehabilitation instead of imprisonment, I doubt this would really be an issue. But that would mean that we'd have to help people out. And who wants to do that?

Christopher Lee said...

Surprise. I disagree. It's not bad parenting. You can be the best parent in the world. Have great communication with your child. They tell you where they're going, how long they plan to be gone. All that. But if someone comes up and just grabs them off the street, good parenting or bad parenting makes no difference. A cell phone makes no difference. And if people don't want to live next door to someone who may very well likely repeat his crimes, why should they be forced to? Neither one of us are parents, so we're both speaking out of our asses on this. But I'm guessing most parents don't want a child rapist living next door. Rehabed or not.

And on the issue of rehabilitation. We all know that rehad doesn't always work. Ask an alcoholic. As long as there's a chance of someone doing another crime like this, there is no reason they should be ANYWHERE near children.

I'm guessing you agree with that Vermont judge's six month sentence.

Jake said...

60-day. And yes, I do, because it was part of plea bargain. Something the prosecutor (and family) had to agree to.

Jake said...

And on the issue of rehabilitation. We all know that rehab doesn't always work.

Neither does imprisonment.

As long as there's a chance of someone doing another crime like this, there is no reason they should be ANYWHERE near children.

Well, ANYONE could eventually commit this crime. I guess we should just send children to some deserted island where they're really safe!

Christopher Lee said...

Yes, I'm sure they did agree to a plea bargain. For him to plead guilty and get this whole thing behind them, but I'm guessing they didn't agree to this moron giving him 60 days for raping their 6 year old daughter over a 4 year period. They had no say in that.

The only reason imprisonment doesn't work is because we pussy-foot around with it. No television or computers or beds. No toilets. Make them clean up their own shit, or live in it. Their choice. Bring back hard labor. 15 hours a day straight busting rocks, digging holes only to fill them back up again. Make it an extremely dangerous place to be. Throw blacks in with white supremacists. Throw white supremacists in with black Muslims. Throw child rapists in with anyone. Most likely they'll be killed. Make prison the absolute worse place on the planet to be. A living breathing hell.

And your last argument is just dumb. Anyone could commit any type of crime. Just lock everyone in their homes and let no one out.

Jake said...

but I'm guessing they didn't agree to this moron giving him 60 days for raping their 6 year old daughter over a 4 year period.

Actually, the plea bargain stated that he would serve no more than 90 days in prison, so long as he goes into therapy after leaving prison, or he will be serving a life sentence.

Christopher Lee said...

Are you sure about all this stuff you're saying? Because from this story I get the feeling that this girls family was pretty well shocked and pissed off at the original 90 days and the prosecutor actually opposed it.
(TinyURL isn't loading)

Jake said...
(it's on there now, the actual link is too long)

And anyone who grasps the entire three-count sentence, not just the 60-day minimum on count one, knows that's exactly what Cashman did.

The reality is, the judge gave Hulett what adds up to a life sentence. If he doesn't complete treatment, or if he ever violates any of his extremely stringent conditions of release, he's back in prison forever. That's very unusual for a first-time offender. Cashman obviously did not buy the low-risk rating assigned Hulett by the Douglas administration.

The quickest way to get Hulett treatment was to order a 60-day minimum that qualifies him for the outside program.

I mean, (and this is hypothetical) if I were a member of this girl's family, I'd go for the verdict that might get this guy the life sentence. If he'd been put in prison longer, he'd have been there 20-30 years tops, but with this one, if he should even do the slightest thing wrong, he's gone for good.

Christopher Lee said...

So all he has to do is commit another crime, or worse, rape another girl. Sounds good to me.

Jake said...

No, if he were to not show up for therapy or be in a certain place, he'd be put in prison.

He wouldn't actually have to commit a crime. Just break *any* small term of the plea bargain.

Christopher Lee said...

Well, technically, breaking a term of his plea bargain would be a crime.