Thursday, February 16, 2006

Told Ya

Sour GrapesIn my post HA-HA I said that Big Media would be outraged that Cheney did his interview with FNC. And here it is. This is priceless.
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Anonymous said...

Priceless that he goes with the False News Channel? Definitely. I mean, heck, they headed the court case to prove that intentionally telling the public non-truths is perfectly legal for a news company - so why wouldn't he go with them?

Jake said...

Did my comment come through? This stupid thing asked me about 4 different times for a new verification code.

If it didn't, I just commented that your blog hasn't updated for me since your "I won the lottery" post until today.

Anyways, the outrage is the fact that he waited so long to ever say anything. That for almost one day, the only info out was that he was in a shooting accident. No word on whether he was the victim or even involved at all. Then he waits for days to ever publically state anything. A simple press confrence on Monday would have cleared everything up.

He's OUR Vice President. We are NOT his citizens.

Christopher Lee said...

You have to actually reload some pages with FF sometimes. A few pages get stuck on me as well.

Anyway, back to the post.

OH MY GOD!!!! He waited 12 hours. IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH.

All though I'm not sure the VP can be impeached, but I don't know.

Brody's Story said...

My God, what is this world coming to? I can't stand the fact because he's the VP, he can do what he wants.

I hope America wakes up soon. If not from the uncalled war in Iraq, maybe this. (doubtful though, sigh...)

Republicans...can't stand them; can't live without them. Well maybe I

Opinionnation said...

FNC got Cheney

CNN got nothing; nobody watches.

I don't understand the whiny left's argument about him on FNC. I thought they wanted to hear from him; if he went to CNN only about 6 people would have seen the interview. Gee, Can't they make up their mind!

Christopher Lee said...

Like Brit Hume said, Cheney went on FNC so he could get the biggest audience he could.