Monday, July 17, 2006

The ACLU vs. English

I thought the ACLU was supposed to stand up for the little guy. To bring equality to everyone. And, at one time, that's what they did. So, please, someone tell me how opposing signs in Sterling Heights, Michigan be written in English is protecting civil rights? Because I don't get it.

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Van Helsing said...

Just be glad they aren't demanding that all English signs be written in foreign languages — yet.

Anonymous said...

Just about the rhetoric Chris, isn't English the majority-spoken language? Thus, they're standing against the big guy?

Meh, it's stupid though. Yeah, it probably breaks "freedom of speech", but they're only asking for additions.

Anonymous said...

If you are using a touch tone phone; Press one for English; Press two; so you will be disconnected until you learn to speak English. That way we can serve Americans who are here legally.
Thank you.