Monday, July 10, 2006

Japan Considers Strikes Against North Korea

You know the situation's gotten pretty bad when Japan is talking about pre-emptive strikes.

On a side note, I was watching a show last night on CNN called "Undercover In The Secret State". It talked about how, despite North Korea's best efforts, the true conditions of the country were finding their way out into the rest of the world. I knew North Korea was bad, but because every piece of information is controlled by the government, I had no idea it was that bad. This man, Kim Jong Il, is rivaling Saddam Hussein in his acts of atrocities. Think of all the things we do know about North Korea. Now, imagine all the things we don't know. How many mass graves are there? How many people are in prison for the crime of defacing a poster of Kim Jong Il? I don't know if they're going to air it again, but if they do you should watch it.

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Anonymous said...

The US should give Japan as many tactical nuke cruise missles as they can take. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Yes..I said GIVE. In fact I would be willing to pay Japan to use them.
I think its time for Za and his girlfriend to move to DPRK like they wanted to last year. I'll take up a collection via paypal.
It will be fun and Za can blog from North Korea..that bastion of free speach.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time John gets his memory refreshed. My ex-girlfriend wanted to visit friends there and see what it was like, not move there.

See unlike you, some people want to see things with their own eyes, instead of relying on preconceived notions of what's going on.

Have you ever spoken with someone from North Korea? Have you ever even met someone from North Korea? I have. She has. North Korea's much the same as China or any other large Asian country, except with compulsory rounds of military service thrown in. Haven't seen you rant against good ol' China recently.

Anonymous said...

No sir..But I have LIVED in South Korea and I speak fluent Hangul( Korean). I spent several weeks at the DMZ and saw North Koreans though; but whats that actually got to do with anything?
Sorry for not remember exactly a comment you made more than a year ago.
As it seems comapared to me; YOU are the one who needs to get out of your comfortable little country and see whats actually going on in the world.
Get out and see what the philosophies you believe in have wrought on their people; like North Korea.

Christopher Lee said...

Oh yeah, Za, NK is a fine and dandy place. Dare deface a poster of exulted leader Kim Jong Il, go to jail. You dare speak ill of exulted leader Kim Jong Il, you die. People are told that the U.S. is destroying ships that are bringing food to the people when in reality exulted leader Kim Jong Il has, until recently, denied the U.N. to bring food into the country despite their looming second famine. To even travel to another city you need permission from the government. North Korea, THE vacation spot of 2006. I'll make my reservations today.

Anonymous said...

John - North Korea's a technocracy is it? Go figure, I thought it was an autocracy masquerading as socialism. Weird. Oh that's right, you have no freaking clue what philosophies I subscribe to because you're too busy jacking off your ego.

Good for you, you've seen a North Korean. I'm sure that you could gain just as much information about the internal politics and day-to-day lives of North Koreans from physically touching one.

Chris, nowhere did I say North Korea was a nice place. What I did say was that there are plenty of places just like it on the Asian continent that you've got no problem being all pally with. Singapore you can be imprisoned for having chewing gum on your person, let alone chewing it (unless it's nicorette; an exception solely created for a trade agreement with the US). China you can be arrested or killed for protesting as well. China even has nuclear weapons as well - yet we only get the tirades against NK.

Being a little bit mercenary with our values aren't we?

I would go there, for the exact same reason I'd be willing to experience solitary confinement in a prison for a month or two; because it's something to learn and grow from.

Christopher Lee said...

Oh, I do have problems with other countries like North Korea. But there's one difference. Singapore and China aren't threating the U.S. like North Korea.

Anonymous said...

The premise of this article and thread was about North Korea.
That is why you have seen nothing about China nor other countries in Asia. Get a clue man..YOU are the one bringing up China and others.
If Chris posts an article on China and other countries they should be commented on there.

Anonymous said...

North Korea's hardly threatening the US Chris. Verbally threatening, maybe, but as threats go, they're not really dangerous.

They don't like you, so what?

And John, I don't believe that comment was aimed at you - it was aimed at Chris, who only seems to post about North Korea when it comes to Asian threats. But I believe that's what you do when you're unable to respond; harp on comments that weren't aimed at you.

Anonymous said...

Unable to respond? Re read the thread. Once again I'll point out the thread was on NORTH KOREA...not China or any OTHER asian country. YOU just cannot focus on the subject at hand because you are intelectually unarmed.

Anonymous said...

1) The comment was not directed at you, genius. I was pointing out to Chris that he is biased towards demonising North Korea, despite the fact that there are other nations just like it who are either just as bad or more so, yet he rarely makes mention of them. This pertains to the topic because the topic is specifically how bad North Korea is - it's a comparative (you may need to look that word up).

2) The first comment actually directed at you was a retort your argument that North Korea is exactly what I subscribe to. Gosh darn, it seems you don't have the faintest clue what political beliefs I actually DO subscribe to.
The second comment was that unless you've actually spoken to them, having had a North Korean in your visual field on occasion is an entirely worthless claim.

Now when you can actually respond to these I might consider you worth arguing with, but since you seem to be unable to, I am going to relegate you to the category of rabidly deluded.