Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kofi Annan's Foot In Mouth Disease

It's good to see Kofi's not jumping to conclusions. I mean come on, we all know Annan's not a big fan of Israel but to claim that they purposely attacked U.N. workers, without any evidence, is a pretty bold statement. I mean, it's not like they're Muslim extremists. What could they gain by killing United Nations observers? He, Annan, doesn't seem to be doing much about U.N. "peacekeepers" raping women and children and turns a blind eye to Oil For Blood until it's exposed, but is quick to jump on this.

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Anonymous said...

What did the Israelis get from hitting a UN compound containing 800 refugees with a rocket back in 1996?

Why have they, in this war, told villages that they were going to be bombed and then hit the escape convoy with missiles? What do they have to gain from that?

In the current instance, the UN observers contacted the Israeli forces 10 times requesting them to stop before they were hit with a precision-guided missile. All the while they were being shelled.

You put two and two together - someone doesn't shell a facility before hitting it with a guided missile by accident.