Monday, July 24, 2006

Minister Farrakhan And The Red Man

Reader Seaspook send this to me.

It seems that noted Whitey hater, and leader of the Nation Of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, is now sticking his racist nose into the affairs of Indians
. I understand that something needs to be done, but Farrakhan is worse than Jesse Jackson when it come to matters like this. Just go back to hating Jews and leave Indians alone.

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Anonymous said...

So why is CAYLIPSO LOUIE getting himself involved with the indean or nataive americans whats this ranting radical hate monger trying to prove other then prove he is a bloodsucker

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, that's exactly the same paternalistic attitude that the white man always had to the Native American's way back when they first considered them "savages". We know best who you should associate with. You--red man--must become a "civilized" Christian.

..But suddenly afterwards, those no-good religious hypocrites commited genocide by literally slaughtering millions of them. Men, women and children! Black people including Farrakhan have a whole lot in common with Native Americans and that includes their people's history in America.