Friday, January 5, 2007

Very Cool, Pt.2

CENTCOM knows about Wednesday Hero. One of the members received an comment from a Sgt. Eric Jehnsen.
I came across your blog today and noticed your "Wednesday Hero"
entry. I realize that these are submitted from other sites and thought that you
might be interested in learning about more Heroes.

I am with CENTCOM Public Affairs and work on a team that has an aim
to build relationships and establish dialogue with bloggers. One of the
ways we do that is to introduce them to our website at We also provide the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter and Coalition
bulletin that is sent out regularly. Would you be interested in any of
these news products? If you are, I can sign you up right away. Also,
would you care to post a link to our site on your blog? Many of your readers
may find it to be a very good source of additional information. It also
provides a link to "Heroes in Action".

Please feel free to contact me if you feel our news products would be
a nice fit for your blog. I appreciate your time.


Sgt. Eric Jensen
CENTCOM Public Affairs
Electronic Media Engagement Team


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Very cool, indeed,Chris!!