Friday, May 18, 2007

The Worst From Of Terrorism

I notice nowhere does he consider the rise in anti-semitism around the world to be bad in anyway bad.
Credit: John


Anonymous said...

"the rise in anti-semitism around the world"
Don't know that 'anti-semitism' is on the rise in any great way, there have been extremists of that persuasion making noise on a constant basis, and pockets of these fruit-loops remain at a relative constant level (I would have thought anti-semitism in Europe in the mid 1990's was a bigger worry)

Two things on the rise (3 if you count the anti-muslim sentiment) : anxiety about 'anti-semitism'. It's discrimination towards one particular group, which some people get very 'precious' about. The other, is another group is being discriminated against increasingly, and no one shows the same interest... it is 'Americans'.
Anti-American discrimination is genuinely on the rise, but it concerns few people in the way that 'anti-semitism' does.
The fact that the term 'anti-semitism' is used as though it is somehow different than hatred of, well anyone else, is a problem in itself..
(It's usually about now that someone puts their 2cents worth in, but 'the Holocaust!', 'the Holocaust!', as thought there was one single isolated act of genocide in the twentieth century, and everything else was fine ...despite there being numerous ethnicities that get through the 20th C, and the impression that only Jews were killed by the Germans in the holocaust, has given rise to a special brand of discrimination, seemingly more repulsive than all others, called 'anti-semitism').