Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tour Of The Poor

Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, is planning on using the poor working class of America as his step-ladder in his attempt to win the presidency in 2008. You know, in between his $1200 haircuts that is.


Deoduce said...

I heard this when I drove through McDonald's and Dr. Pepper blew out my nose. hot.

John Edwards on a poor tour is like Hillary Clinton on "Next Top Model." Wholly unbelievable, shocking and vomit-inducing.

Christopher Lee said...

You're drinking Dr. Pepper again?

But you can't really blame Edwards. He's a redneck. When a redneck starts out life poor and then becomes rich, we tend to show it. Look at Elvis. You don't put carpet on your ceiling because it looks good, you do it because you can. If I were to ever come into a shit load of money, let me tell you, I'd be spending like Ted Kennedy at Hooters.

Deoduce said...

Yeah, but I think he's a hypocrite. Once you have bazillions of dollars, you lose perspective on your past, present and future. That's why so many celebrities are nutties. Edwards has lost perspective on his current situation versus our situation, and no matter how hard of a background he had growing up, he is still a rich white guy telling us commoners how to live.