Thursday, December 11, 2008

650 And Counting

Man made Global Warming proven beyond a doubt.



Deoduce said...

Ironic that many/all of the recent global warming conferences have been snowed out. Ironic it's snowing in Houston. Ironic that here in STL we've had a ton of way-below-average days. Don't worry about the cold, it's really global warming.

Christopher Lee said...

And wasn't November just declared one of, if not the, coldest on record?

I think these people are getting global warming and climate change confused. Global Warming infers that man is to blame and, as it says, the planet is warming while Climate Change infers that the Earth's changing climate is a natural phenomenon.

Unknown said...

now I get it.
It's called 'global warming', so a bit of localised or sporadic coldness disproves the theory.
My mistake, I didn't realise it was a 'bumper sticker slogan'.
Silly me, thinking this was complex meteorological patterns being identified as part of a larger phenomena.
Sorry guys, I didn't realise it was cold somewhere today, or better still, it doesn't matter if we're screwed if we can cast some doubt that having radically changed the surface of the Earth didn't have anything to do with it.

So, instead of those silly folks trying to prove "beyond a doubt that global warming is real."
They should be demonstrating that "it isn't our fault".
Yeah. That would be worthwhile, then we could get back to selling SUV's and clubbing baby fur seals to death.
One of 'the big 3' US car manufacturers could use the sales pitch -'don't blame us, we didn't do it'.
... and the business of exploiting the earth could resume in ernest, and all those 'tools' and their hybrid cars, finally we could explain to them what 'whiny bitches' they are before a solid 'Glasgow Kiss' that shuts them up proper.

Yep. we need science to get off it's collective backsides and prove that transforming the planet had no impact what so ever on the climatic cycles, and that whatever we do, nothing will ever change.

Unknown said...

I saw some leftie BS the other day saying "the real WMD's are 'global warning'" and some crap about fossil-fuels.

As good global citizens we ought to get a force together to invade those evil terrorist dictators (OPEC) and take their WMD's from them so they can do no more harm... will that finally shut those whining lefties up?

Of course we'd have to look after those evil fossil fuels, just to make sure they didn't end up in the wrong hands...

Christopher Lee said...

What the hell are you going on about? whiny bitches, lefties, wmd's?

I suspect that you don't actually read what I say, or if you do you don't remember, because on several occasions I've stated that I don't believe in "global warming" but I do agree with climate change. A natural phenomenon that may be being accelerated by man.

Unknown said...

yeah, sorry, that was a little sarcastic parody... because I'd read what you'd said all too well.

'climate change' 'global warming' - most people have so poor an idea of the processes and cycles involved that I don't care what you choose to call it

"A natural phenomenon that may be being accelerated by man"

may be accelerated by man?

we have changed the surface of this planet so significantly, in such a short time, that if some extreme change of climate doesn't result directly from our actions it would be a small miracle.

If there has been some natural cycle of change going on for some extended period - our outstanding capacity for screwing things up has made that irrelevant.

It seems pretty clear that you're happy to absolve humanity for it's 'shock and awe' on nature - that nature/natural cycles are too busy changing to really notice or be influenced the parasitic organism (humanity) that is making such a monumental mess.

These 'natural cycles' have historically been the result of/characterised by certain compounds being transformed from one form to another, the result being a change in composition of the atmosphere

Nature hasn't the mechanisms to mobilise carbon stored in coal/oil and move it to the atmosphere in a time frame anything like what we are doing.
Nor has nature anything similar to relentless deforestation/replacement with concrete (removing the basis for CO/CO2 -> O2 processing by plants).
We are releasing carbon stored in fossilfuels and removing the system to convert back to O2, this "natural phenomena" doesn't have any mechanisms like that...
So if by "accelerated by man" you mean a process that would potentially take tens of thousands of years, now taking a decades to centuries, then yeah, maybe, but it looks a lot more like avoiding responsibility for the results of putting 'business' ahead of all else...

I really shouldn't mention it, it seems clear you are happy to say it's not us "we're only accelerating the inevitable" we're 'helping nature!'

Unknown said...

couldn't help but notice that the US sentate blog that you've linked to revolves pretty much exclusively around the issue of 'warming'.

It's a really convenient way of ducking the real issue of disruption of complex whether systems by human endeveour, by selling it as a simple question of 'is it getting warmer?' and 'did we do that?'. It's this need to reduce the arguments to a level that is digestible by the average faux/cnnn viewer that makes the public debate meaningless.

Also, the US seems determined to fight this as an issue of 'warming', which I believe is disingenuous - selling the 'climate change for dummies' argument makes it easy for the US gov to get support from it's public to ignore the problem.
It's just too easy to bow to industry lobby groups and point to that clown Al Gore as a parody of solid science.
Have a nice catastrophe!