He spends half his life attending a hate church because it helped him politically, and Democrats don't bat an eye but Obama asks Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration and all of a sudden it's a national scandal.

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Deoduce said...

Rules for being a Democrat:

1. The more outrageous, sick, twisted, corrupt, morally-bankrupt you are, the more you are coddled.

2. Anything that makes you feel even remotely bad about yourself is "hate speech," even if it's simply someone saying they disagree with your lifestyle.

Liberals don't like Christians because they feel guilty. That's my honest opinion. They don't want any viewpoint that portrays them as in the wrong in any way, be it with homosexuality, abortion, etc. That's why socialist countries have state-run media, so no bad news can get out about the govt.

Tami said...

I feel Obama supports will get use to him going back on his promises and of course will find that it is someone elses fault.


Anonymous said...

your petty anti-intellectual of trite generalizatins rant is as juvenile as it is stupid. But like most right wingers, you could care less about being intelligent or thoughtul as you repeat the same banal generalities. You are stupid and uneducated, your opinion means nothing; that is why what can be only charitably called a mind can give one concrete example.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you small minded little Christian, you babbel about religion to make yourself feel all holy and better than others but in reality you mainly worship power, money and strength and then spew hate, fear, insults and selfishness.
Sorry, but little twerps like you should start fo show some love, forgiveness and kindness for once, unless being a petty hypocrite is what you strive for.

Unknown said...

I think I might leave all that alone, except for saying that the bit I find the funniest about the uppermost rant is the assumption/assertion that you can't be Christian and liberal...
Is that like saying you can't be gay and republican?

thanks folks... always good for a laugh

Deoduce said...


You prove my point about liberals. I didn't say I was a Christian. You made an assumption because all you saw was a viewpoint disagreeing with you, and you launch into your rage-induced apoplexy. Sad.


Of course you can be gay and Republican. No where in my first comment did I say the two were mutually exclusive.

Unknown said...

"Of course you can be gay and Republican. No where in my first comment did I say the two were mutually exclusive."

Are you really going to be so tedious as to push this disingenuous pedantic BS? ...you've effectively claimed that you 'can't be a liberal and christian'
("Liberals don't like Christians..."), but are now pretending that you don't understand a simile in it's most basic form... (lamest troll ever)

Deoduce said...

I can only hope to one day reach the level of asinine foolishness that you have so greatly accomplished. I bow in your honor.

Unknown said...

Um, yeah, you were funnier when you were trying to pass that absurd nonsense off as social/political commentary (hilarious). Sarcasm, and the art of the well-crafted insult really isn’t your strong point (it’s not something that practice will fix, dude, you just don’t got it).
Can you go back to being funny? ...cos I certainly don’t read your comments with the expectation that you’ll form a coherent argument, or say something informative.