Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thoughts XXIV

AC/DC's new album, Black Ice, debuted at #1 in 29 countries including the U.S. Their first album to do so here. If you haven't picked it up yet, do so. Their best work.

Family Guy is NOT funny. At All. Period. Why it's still on is beyond me

Women, if you want something from us or want us to do something just tell us. Don't hint at it. We're not wired to get hints

Does anyone else miss TechTV? G4 sucks and Attack Of The Show is stupid

I hate peppers and onions

I need a new keyboard and mouse

It's September 22, 2008 and it's 6:14 pm

Sacha Baron Cohen is an idiot

Why is science so dangerous? One mistake while doing an experiement and BOOM, you're dead

I'm sad that Battlestar Galactica is ending soon

I need a new Winter coat and pants

Everybody all around the world, gotta tell you what I just heard
Everybody walkin' down the street, I know a place where we all can meet
Everybody gonna have a good time, everybody will shine till the daylight

Felicia is cute

I like to take things apart, I only wish I could put them back together again

Al Bundy is my hero
Organization of

Almost Christmas

I love the smell of coffee, but I can't stand the taste

VH1, please stop with all these stupid "Love" shows. "Flavor Of Love", "I Love New York", "Rock Of Love", "I Love Money", "Real Chance Of Love". For the love of God, please stop. You're making "celebrities" out of the dumbest people on planet Earth.

Soccer is far superior to Throwball

I do a pretty good Scottish impersonation

Never heard of Rammstein? Go pick up their album Mutter

I sit lookin' round
I look at my face in the mirror
I know I'm worth nothing
Without you
In Life, one and one don't make two
One and one make one
And I'm lookin' for
That free ride to me
I'm lookin' for you

Why do women get lost in parking lots? Don't believe me. Go to the mall or a department store or something and watch. You'll see more women walking around looking for their cars than men

T'Pol Williams is due in February


It's October 3, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Wait. What?

I need a Mt. Dew

Boobs make everything better

Can you see your days blighted by darkness?
Is it true you beat your fists on the floor?
Stuck in a world of isolation
While ivy grows over the door

I hate wearing shoes

David Gilmour is one of the greatest guitar players of all time

Yoplait Boston Cream Pie yogurt doesn't taste like Boston Cream Pie. It tastes more like bad PiƱa Colada

I love Jon & Kate Plus 8. I am addicted to this show. Aaden and Hannah are my favorite kids. They remind me so much of myself

I can laugh just like Scooby-Doo