Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Master Ninja Rove Not To Be Charged

Bad news for Bush haters. Karl Rove will not be charged with anything dealing with the Plame "leak". Poor Lefties. I know how much you wanted to see Rove in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit. But I am wondering something. What happened to all the assurances we were given by some on the Left that Rove was going to be indicted? Keith Olbermann kept reasuring the country, or at least his 10 views, that Rove would be charged and would soon be on his way out. And don't forget Truthout.org with their story 'Karl Rove Indicted On Charges Of Perjury, Lying To Investigators'. Huh, guess they were the ones lying. And oddly enough, while I'm writing this, neither Olbermann nor Truth Out have anything up about this latest news. I wonder why.

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Za said...

I'd wait until they officially make the statement.

Rove's statements changed way too much during the investigation for him to just be let off.

Oh, and glad to see you like the NY Times today.

Indian Chris said...

That was the article Drudge linked to.

Anonymous said...



Indian Chris said...


Forty_Two said...

Didn't everyone complain about liberal bias in the media a few years ago? Now there's a lot of complaint about conservative bias.

Za said...

That was the article Drudge linked to.
Yes, well Drudge is a uniquely actualised individual, as we've previously discussed.

42 - there's complaint on both sides, and always has been. The side that's in power is always the one coping more flak at any given time, because they are the prime movers. However, if you were to ask reporters whether Clinton or Bush got harsher coverage... Clinton certainly was not given many favours.