Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GOP Debate

Just a few notes on tonight's GOP debate.

I liked all the candidates. They were all pretty clear and well spoken. Even Ron Paul, at first. Then he goes and shots himself in the foot with his views on 9/11. If his candidacy isn't over after tonight, I'll be shocked.

Is Mitt Romney the John Kerry of the GOP? Perhaps. And I don't think he shined all that much. Too bland.

I still don't agree with McCain on interrogation.
I originally said that I agreed with McCain on the war 100%. That was a mistake. I agree with some aspects of his views, but it was either Hunter or Huckabee, can't remember which one, that I agreed with more. I'll have to wait until I can find a transcript to know which one it was.

Rudy got the biggest applause of the night. In a very Conservative state, no less.

I think McCain came off pretty good.

And I think Mike Huckabee really raised his status in this race.

I thought both Romney and Giuliani explained their views on abortion quite well. Abortions down and adoptions up in NYC while Rudy was Mayor.

Tommy Thompson looked like a deer in the headlights. He looked almost scared. Absolutely no personality. Is he the Al Gore of the GOP?

I thought Chris Wallace, Wendell Goler and Brit Hume asked fair, but tough questions. None of that "What Do You Hate About America" crap.

Mike Huckabee's Edwards joke was the soundbite of the night. "Spending like John Edwards at a beauty parlor". Priceless.

I think John McCain started out winning but Rudy slowly started to take over. And I think it began with his explanation of his views on abortion. He seemed to turn the tide after that.

However, I don't think he, Giuliani, explained his past views on immigration too well. He kind of danced around the question.

Back to Ron Paul. He seems a little short sighted on foreign policy. If we don't get involved, we'll be okay. That's the view we had before W.W.II

Can't remember who it was, Duncan Hunter I think, had some great views on global warming. He wasn't sure if man was the cause, but if we are he laid out what needs to be done.

Winners: Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee
Losers: Ron Paul and Tommy Thompson

Not a bad pre-primary debate. Will it change anyone's minds? Maybe for a few candidates.