Saturday, December 8, 2007

Murder Is Funny

At least it is to some Penn State students who dressed up as Virgina Tech victims for Halloween.
We talked with one of the students who wore the costume. He said the outfits were worn to a small party and meant to be private.

"It's not that it was funny, it's that we are notorious and infamous in the state college, so we have to do things that push the envelope just for shock value," he said.


Robocop said...

What is it with higher education producing this country's biggest retards?

Deoduce said...

This is just the epitome of low-class. It's like parodying the Holocaust or something like that. Not funny. Never funny. Those poor Vtech students died in terror, and Penn state students mock it up? Great. What a bunch of low-class buttmunchers.