Monday, January 21, 2008


Burn the heretic at the stake. Everyone knows that man is the only cause. That's the carved in stone consensus. It was in a movie. These blasphemers need to be taught a lesson.


Unknown said...

It's great when science gets polarised by politics, and dumbed-down by the media...
everything become so black and white.

Whether man is the sole cause in global warming is an argument that is only happening in america. Anyone serious is asking:
'Is mankind disrupting nature?'
There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the Earth is going through a natural cycle of getting warmer, the question is: Has man interfered with that cycle, and if so, how significantly?
...but that's a little too complicated for american media (and few 'simple' journalists elsewhere) to sell as a story, it has to be all black or all white... and then you people have to choose a side and back it all the way, rather than wanting to know what is actually going on?

I'm wondering, if god herself said 'no, mankind is not the 'sole cause', you are only making happen over 100 years that which would have occurred in the next 10,000 years', would you all feel better?