Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are You Gay Or Something?

I was watching a show on BBC yesterday about actor John Borrowman trying to find out why he's gay. Why no one else in his family is but him. In it he went all over the world to find factors as to why and as the show goes on he's finding different scientific methods and stats that may determine why someone might be gay or straight. Every one of these methods and facts, except one, say he shouldn't be gay but he is. And these factors and stats they listed say, scientifically, that I should be but I'm not. Keep in mind that these are just theories and haven't been proven but I found it kind of fascinating. If you believe that it's a choice rather than how you're born then you probably won't like it but if you get BBC America you should check it out. It's called The Making Of Me: John Borrowman.