Tuesday, July 31, 2007

American Socialism

There's no two ways about it. Socialism is on the rise here in America. We see it's signs everyday with our politicians and the rising popularity of certain ideas and plans. The government wanting to regulate what kind of politics must be heard on the airwaves with the Fairness Doctrine, discriminatory overtaxing of the rich, universal healthcare and politicians wanting to take the profits from free market businesses and give them to the government.

The overtaxing of the rich and taking of profits seem to be the most popular in this country. And I'm not sure why. What have they done to be targeted and discriminated against like that? We're told, from the time we're little kids, to work hard, make something of ourselves and become a success. But then, when we do, they want to punish us for it. Can someone please explain that to me. "What you make isn't your's. It belongs to everyone". That's not America. That's Cuba. That's Venezuela. America is supposed to be a country where we succeed or fail on our own merits. Not a country where the government takes what we make and distributes it amongst the masses. A country where we're not penalized for making it. At least that's what I always thought. If we're not careful, we could wake up one cold November morning next year and find that we have a quasi-Socialist headed to the White House.


John K said...

It's the Dems tactic of divide and conquor with class warfare.

RudeBoyMurphy said...

Oh yes, the tyranny of universal heath care, you guys ought to be afraid, I mean look at what has happened in the countries universal heathcare has been around a few decades... Damn it, the keep 'helping' people, rather than helping so-called insurance companies add another '0' to the end of their obscene profits... I mean that what healthcare should be about, right? Making insurance companies and Pharmaceutical companies richer (we all know how bad they've got it... ), that's what America's about, not 'making people well again', that would be insane!

You folks seem determined to avoid the evil of extending good health to people without prejudice, and good luck to you with that, but if you could just keep those cash-fattened pharma-corps away from the rest of us folk who'd rather see our tax dollars go to health rather war (got no problems with these crazy 'socialistic' tax schemes paying for your army... go on, introduce a couple of years of compulsory military service and have a fully socialised armed forces!), cos pharma-co's have more money and influence than, well, pretty-much any government, and seem intent on inflicting American-style suffering on the rest of us. Yes, the world is being colonised (or is that 'colon-ised', as in shafted) by pharma-corps. It already happening over here, while we can keep the price of most medicine to $4.80, if you are really sick, those bastards (your US pharma-corps), will hold the dying to ransom (and because 'those bastards' make more money than this whole country, and your government has had used it's influence too, our gov (spineless jelly-backs that they are) are willing to sell us out).
Your entitled to barbaric healthcare, but please don't force it on the rest of us!
(free trade my a##!)

Indian Chris said...

Wow. I've seen some wicked rants in my day, but that's a corker. A lot of hot air to make the point that you hate the military and pharmaceutical companies. Way to go. If I had an award I'd give it to you. Perhaps up the colon.

Deoduce said...

The nutso seems to forget that in universal health care systems, such as in Canada, the quality of health care SUCKS and more people end up suffering than in a free market health care system (see 6 month waiting lists for life-saving surgeries). Case in point: Pennsylvania has more MRI machines than the whole of Canada.

rudeboymurphy may want to take advantage of anti-psychotic drugs, made by those evil pharmaceutical companies that allow us to not live in 18th century filth.

Indian Chris said...

Deo, don't you know it's the government's job to take care of us. FDR made sure of that and our possible next president will make sure it's expanded even more.

Deoduce said...

Oh, that's right, the government IS supposed to take care of us. The USSR is a great example of how the government is awesome at taking care of its people. And by "taking care of" I really mean exploiting people and throwing dissenters into prisons and causing the economy to collapse, leading to widespread poverty and death. No problems here!