Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fun Ron Paul Facts

Below is a list of some Ron Paul facts that many Americans don't know about.

Ron Paul likes the smell of a yeast infection(he's a gynecologist)

Ron Paul uses a picture of his own ass as the wallpaper on his cell phone

Ron Paul molests underage horses

Ron Paul sleeps with a Real Doll of A-Jad

Ron Paul like the feel of cold honey running down his back

Ron Paul once condemned Luke Skywalker for waging an illegal war on the Empire

Ron Paul likes to french kiss his cat

Ron Paul's nickname is Summers Eve

Ron Paul likes to lay in a bathtub full of vanilla pudding

Ron Paul likes to keep his old toenails in a jar under his bed

Ron Paul sends pictures of himself without a shirt on to his 20 supporters every month

Ron Paul was once arrested for flashing a bus full of Japanese tourists


Anonymous said...

That's just fucking sick. You should be ashamed. What are you, a middle schooler?

Anonymous said...

first they ignore then they laugh then they attack then ahhhhh they win

Deoduce said...

Works like a charm every time. Every DAMN TIME! Too easy.

Christopher Lee said...

But what I can't figure out is, if they're so passionate about Ron Paul, why his sheep can't give a name when they comment. Why do they always try to hide?