Thursday, November 15, 2007

Women Aren't Real People, Part IV

Our good "friends" the Saudi's have a system of harsh punishment in their country. So, if you ever decide to vacation in Saudi Arabia, make sure you're not the victim of a crime. Because you could get 200 lashes and six months in jail for being gang raped.


Anonymous said...

When do we think we will hear from NOW or other womens Leftist groups?
With every atrocity the silence is deafening.

Anonymous said...

You said it, they're 'your friends'.
It kind of makes that 'human rights'/democracy push that america fronts the rest of the world with seem, well, hypocritical.
You can form close alliances based on 'resources', and ignore practices that are the kind of reason that you give for invading another.
(thanks for reminding me about that, I knew there was something else dodgy about american foreign policy).

Oh, then there's that connection between the Bush family, and the bin Laden family. It's not like america 'tolerates' the Saudi's 'under protest', america (it's leading family in particular) openly embraces them.
(I found Chris listing 'the kingdom' as an 'anti-war film' funny. If anything; apart from celebrating the universal brotherhood of soldiers, 'the kingdom' is a sad attempt separate Bush's buddies from 'the bad guys' who make up the rest of Saudi Arabia)

Robocop said...

Do you believe Elvis is still alive as well?

Anonymous said...

Mruphy, you seem to ignore what is really at fault and it's not America your Evil Empire. Its not the Saudi's either.
This is Islam.
Thank you for trying to help the world with its problems by shining the light on the true perps of wrong in the world. Just in case you decide to.

Anonymous said...

"Do you believe Elvis is still alive as well?"
You respond as though I'm making some reference to a bizarre 'conspiracy theory' involving Osama

... not Saudi Bin Ladens with:
- Saudi passports/citizenship
- massive amounts of money
- massive amounts of influence (some rumoured to have the 'king's ear')
... and whatever other forms power that controlling that much oil brings.

The point is (and people keep missing) is if these are such evil people, then why does america treat them so well.
Why are they such close allies if they are the evil that John and others make out...
Isn't that just a little hypocritical to support such bastards?
Some countries face sanctions, others bombing, but 'human rights' don't seem an issue with your affluent affiliates..

No western country has closer connections to the Saudis than america, it's well documented (but you' have to read bbc and the new yorker, etc, no 'fox news' - which reminds me: Rupert Murdoch was australia's gift to america, as someone had already shared genital herpes).