Monday, November 5, 2007

Talk Show Double Standard

By now you've all heard about what happened at Oprah's school in Africa. But I wonder how many of you have caught the double standard people have about this story. If you'll remember back a few years, talk show host Kathi Lee Gifford got into some hot water over her clothing line using children to make the clothes. She was ripped apart by the media and people in general. Some still make jokes about it today. And yet, Oprah has received nothing but sympathy. Why is this? Well, I have two theories. What are the two differences between Oprah and Gifford?

1) Oprah is a Democrat and Gifford is a Republican. Could this play into it? Maybe, but not to the extent as I think the second reason does.

2) And that second reason is that Oprah is black and Gifford is white. That's what I think the main reason is. People don't want either be seen as racist or feel like they may be racist so they sympathize with Oprah and wonder how she doing. Will she be all right? Can she overcome this tragedy? There have been jokes and comedy skits about Oprah. But those were in good fun. People don't want to do anything that would give appearance of an attack.


Real Life Sarah said...

Very right-on analysis. I heard a caller to a talk show saying that, "at least Oprah is going to take responsibility and fix the situation." Can the scars of s*xual abuse really be "fixed" by Oprah? It's amazing how people have made her into the victim instead of the girls.

Found your blog through Morning Song. It's great!

Christopher Lee said...

Right. I understand that she was abused as a child but, like you said, she's being made to be the victim in all this.

Robocop said...

I agree with your post. There will always be such a double standard. Now you will probably have to watch your back from half the housewives in America by tearing into the great Oprah.**LOL**

Christopher Lee said...

You're probably right.