Thursday, April 2, 2009


First some DVD's for the PM, and they can't even be played in England, and now an iPod for the Queen. And she already has one. God, I'd hate to be on Obama's Christmas list.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, haha..oh, except she asked for it.

..And it contained video footage of her recent trip to the Us.

..And she also received a rare autographed Rogers and Hammerstein songbook.

God, I pity you people. I really, really do.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Guess Annoymous just dosen't get it. Anyhow Obama thinks gehtto, and to him an ipod and a dvd are pretty cool items. Remember where he came from. He can touch a Queen and bow to a king, no knows he has really made it to the top.

Unknown said...

"God, I pity you people. I really, really do."
um, why? is your pity related to your other statements, or just a coincidental feeling that you felt compelled to share... but won't put your name on it?

There's few things that I pity as much as someone who feels the need to post under 'Anonymous' (well, there's plenty things more pitiful, but it is pretty lame) - you aren't willing to 'own' your comments?

"He can touch a Queen and bow to a king"
You don't mean England? ...they don't got a King, the Queen's husband is a Prince, he just some Greek prince she picked-up years back. A king is the male ruler of a monarchy, Phillip is only husband to the Queen, a fashion accessory like a handbag or something. Charles, William, or Harry could be king, cos it's a hereditary title/role.