Saturday, July 1, 2006

Supreme Court, al-Qaeda, Geneva, Oh My

The Supreme Court, with their recent ruling, has essentially given the terrorist group al-Qaeda protection under the Geneva Convention. They don't have to follow it, but they're protected by it. Question: Is This A Good Idea?

My personal view is that it's a little of both a good idea and bad. Bad because of what I said above. They my be protected by it but they don't have to follow it. They can capture an American soldier, shoot him, beat him and decapitate him because they don't have to follow the same rules. Doesn't sound too fair to me, but it's the law. But, there is some good in it as well. Convention III - Section II - Article 118 of the Geneva Convention states
Prisoners of war shall be released and repatriated without delay after the cessation of active hostilities
Which means that the people being held at Gitmo can be held indefinitely because, as some have stated on this blog, there is no end to this War On Terror. I don't think al-Qaeda will be surrendering any time soon and unless we get a spineless jellyfish like Kerry in office in '08, I don't think the U.S. will either.

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DeoDuce said...

Geneva is for pussies.

Indian Chris said...

The way you talk. If you weren't already married...

Za said...

Actually, the Geneva convention is for anyone who has the guts to maintain a moral highground instead of being an intellectual pussy and giving in to all the people who seem to desperately want to become exactly what they despise.

You treat people the same way terrorists treat people - hey hey! Guess what you are?

Anonymous said...

Funny, but the people who write and sign these so called "Laws of War" themselves never saw a day of combat in their lives.

Easy to take "the high moral ground" when you are walking over other peoples bodies to do so.

Perhaps they would think more carefully about what they sign if they were actually the ones who were in combat.

DeoDuce said...


"high moral grounds" = pussies.

Za said...

So let me get this straight Deo...

You're starting a war against terrorism, because it's a vile way to treat people (ie, from a moral highground)... and in the course of fighting it, you want to treat them the exact same way they treat you (ergo, acting like terrorists).

How exactly is this a war against terror then? Oh, that's right - because you're the good guys! Good guys can never be terrorists, even when they are!

It doesn't take guts to attack someone who's attacked you. It just takes a tactically deficient mind. It takes guts to do a difficult thing Deo. It's more difficult to NOT attack people who are attacking you, than it is to just mindlessly attack people.

John K said...

Thats right DEO; Taking Za's approach; if you just give in to those who want to kill you; you are a moral victor. A dead one but no matter.
Za; Retard is as retard does;
and you are the King of Retard.
Also one of the grandest Cowards I have every seen post anywhere.

DeoDuce said...


Exactly my point. Not attacking someone who attacks you = pussies. Who gives a flying crap at a rolling donut what foreignian wack-jobs like you think? You're a pussy, a real lame foreign guy with stringy hair. Once a pussy, always a pussy.

Za said...

Taking Za's approach; if you just give in to those who want to kill you; you are a moral victor.
Only an idiot would be unable to see that violence is the not only way to resist someone.

Not attacking someone who attacks you = pussies.
You want act exactly like the people you despise? Go right ahead. Just don't tell me you're fighting against terror. You've become exactly what you say you fight against.

Za said...

Oh, and Deo, just to preempt your time-honoured past-time of calling me an America-hater, just remember that you're the one insulting my appearance, and I'm the one who's actually discussing tactical methods and principles of war.

When you're actually willing to discuss things instead of using "I'm right, you look stupid", you might find the level of discussion will improve.

Anonymous said...

I guess when you look the way you do; its only natural to be a pacifist. Heh.