Friday, March 2, 2007

Too Good To Pass Up

Have a look at this picture. It's one of my local news stations. Look at the highlighted parts.


Len said...

Nothing like pushing a product that's on a recall list. ;)

This is very traumatic for me as my fave sandwich is peanut butter and banana.

Indian Chris said...

I just bought a box of these new Reeses peanut butter cookies, get home from the store and find out that Reeses has been added to the recall list. Come on.

john k said...

Don't worry too much about it, Chris. I had four Jars of PeterPan brand with the recall numbers on the lid in my cabinet. Two of which we had already eaten 3/4ths of. We did not get sick or even ill. I finished off the two partially consumed jars with still no ill effects. Sent the other two to the trash can and sent all the lids in for a refund to Con Agra.
No big deal dude.