Monday, April 5, 2010

Music Czar Monday

I've been reading this great biography on AC/DC and it's caused me to go on a bit bender lately listening to their music. So this month of Music Czar Monday is dedicated to one of the most powerful voices in Rock. \\m// Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott \\m//. I stayed away from the big hits. So no "Highway To Hell" or "Let There Be Rock" or "Whole Lotta Rosie". Instead I've focused on songs that I feel showcase Bon at his best that radio tends to ignore. Try picking only four. Not easy.

This isn't the song you've heard on Highway To Hell. This is an early version that appears on the Bonfire boxset album Volts. It's actually better than the one on HTH. Trying to sing along with Bon is almost impossible, though. You will destroy your voice trying to get that high.

Get It Hot by AC/DC