Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I Voted

I tell you, it sure is nice to live in a city where it's simple to vote. No need for watchers with video cameras and crap. No punching holes or pulling levers or touching a screen. You go in, take a ballot, draw a line and you're done. No muss, no fuss. And as for thinking about voting Independent/Third Party. Didn't matter. Only two races had an Independent running.


John K said...

I voted last Saturday and was a Repulican poll challenger here in Kansas City. Very light turnout and as usually the democrat election judges knew absolutly NOTHING about the rules for an election. Thats why I was there and they turned to me for common sense advice and rule decisions. Just like in 2000 and in 04.
Go figure.
Common sense and rules just don't seem to mean much to Dumbocrats.

Jake said...

Kansas? That explains everything. :P

John K said...

No Dumbshit; its Missouri.
Do they teach geography in hickville Alabama?

jake said...

Didn't see "City".