Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Thoughts XXII

Why is it OK for women to talk while we're trying to watch something on tv, but if we try to talk while they're watching something they get pissed off?

He who has the remote has the power

There must be some mistake
I didn't mean to let them
Take away my soul
Am I too old is it too late?

Have you checked out my Myspace page? No. Well the link's right in the sidebar

Firefox isn't as totally awesome as people made it out to be a few years ago

It's 12:11 AM on Saturday, March 29

I love doing the Wednesday Hero posts, but sometimes I just don't feel like working one out. Sometimes there's so much info in an article that I can't fit it all into a few paragraphs. Plus, I hate typing

If you're a fan of Pink Floyd's The Wall, you need to pick up their live two disk Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall: Live 1980-1981. It's better than the studio version. Plus, you get two extra songs that were left off the studio version. The Last Few Bricks & What Shall We Do Now. Also, Richard Wright sounds amazing on keyboards on Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2. A real funk/R&B sound. The only complaint I have is that the transition from Waiting For The Worms into Stop is better in the studio version. It's more powerful.

Am I the only person who likes ABBA?

I hate time travel. It's too complicated. "Don't touch this bug, it might change the future".

Can you sneeze in your sleep?

What about burp underwater?

What's the point of having a fast car if it can't outrun a cop cruiser?

I don't like thongs

Is it a stereotype if it's true?

Pam Anderson hasn't been hot since she was on Home Improvement

It's 6:28 PM on Tuesday, April 15

Why do cats always look at you like it's your fault? They run across the road infront of your car, and then look back at you like you're the idiot who didn't see them.

UFO doesn't mean aliens

Barbecue so good it make you wanna slap ya momma

Time doesn't' really exist. It's just a man made idea. 2pm, 4:37am, 0530 hours. Not real. So you're never actually late or early

Never Eat Shredded Wheat


Bad Bob said...

There must be some other people who like ABBA, but as far as I know, you are the only one. If I heard one of their songs on the radio, It would probably bring back some fond memories.

You can burp underwater. At least in a pool. I have burped in my scuba mouthpiece when taking lessons.

No matter how fast your car is, it won't outrun Motorola.

Thongs, on you? Or a hot chick?

Pam Anderson was on Home Improvement?

Shredded Wheat? Just wait until you are much older....

Unknown said...

"UFO doesn't mean aliens"
right, it's a contradictory signifier, if someone is talking about aliens, they are assuming to have identified the object, but more than that, there's those people who ask 'do you believe in UFO's?'.
Sure, there's stuff that flies but isn't identified at the time... but they are asking about sentient life of non-earthly origins. But wait, there's more - on the basis of how you respond to 'the UFO question', they are confident that they know your mind on everything from 'the power of crystals' to the nature of 'crop circles'.

"Time doesn't' really exist. It's just a man made idea"
We do tie linear time to actual events, the single revolution of the earth on its axis (one day), and movement of the earth around the sun (a year), but we do construct a concept of time... months, hours, minutes, seconds, are mathematical (base 12) divisions of these fixed periods.
What would base '10 time' be like? Ancient Rome had a 'base 10' calendar, then they added a month (divided by 11, then 12) for Julius (July), and Augustus (August), that is why October is the tenth month - when the name implies it's the eighth month (Oct = 8).

Is it a stereotype if it's true?
Screw stereotypes, the nature of 'truth' is far more problematic, there is people who actually believe that the truth is singular, real, that it's only a matter of looking in the right place, and worst of all, that science can find 'truth' and can 'prove' the 'truth'... anyone who thinks that should probably have another look at scientific process - at how knowledge is formed, theories/hypothesis are supported, not proven. I'd comment on religious knowledge/belief, but that's a lost cause.

"Barbecue so good it make you wanna slap ya momma"
OK,um, right, just a friendly word of advice, what goes on between 'consenting adults' is none of my business, but you might want to keep that detail to yourself. I mean, depending on which state you're in, there might be laws against that kind of thing...
but whatever 'floats your boat'!

Christopher Lee said...

On women. They just don't do it for me.

Anderson was the first 'Tool Time' girl

Never Eat Shredded Wheat. North, East, South, West. You never heard that before? Or you could say Never Eat Sour Wienies.

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with abba and floyd is just as cool.
thongs on the right chick yes! else no!

so far shit here looks good :)