Monday, February 5, 2007

Something Smells Fishy

Hey, numbnuts, you don't get to pick and choose where you're deployed.

But something about this story doesn't sit right with me. This Watada joined the Army AFTER the invasion of Iraq. If he thought it was illegal and wrong, why join? It kinda seems to me that he maybe enlisted hoping that he would be sent there just so he could make this grand statement that he's made. But that's just my opinion.


RudeBoyMurphy said...

Now that's scary.
Protest is good
commitment is good.
I can't picture an officer waking up one morning and saying 'nah, not going along with this'.
I agree, it smells fishy, like a stunt.
But the scary bit is how much of that 'shit sandwich' did he have to eat to become an officer, stage a protest, etc.
That's scary commitment, which he surely could have directed more effectively. Couldn't he just set himself on fire or something?
He gets a 'golf clap' from me though.

john k said...

Set himself on fire like those Buddist Monks did during the Vietnam conflict? LMAO..I would think he does not have the nards for that kind of commitment.

RudeBoyMurphy said...

"he does not have the nards for that kind of commitment."

that's what I'm getting at. If he did the whole soldier-thing, got promoted through ranks?/trained as an officer?, stuck with it for years, just to pull a stunt like this, that's mad-commitment (yeah, might not have the balls for the petrol routine)
...but that's some mad-crazy commitment if he's not into it all, setting himself on fire might have been easier..
...besides, I'd watch, I'd pay money even (I left my 'bleeding heart' in my other coat)

Flag Gazer said...

His father is a big "anti-war activist" - he was active in Hawaii during Vietnam. That fact helps convince me that this was all contrived.

Za said...

Even if contrived though, it raises an interesting point - regardless of the legality of a war, you have to quit defending your nation just so you're not forced into it.

That's a little bit scary.

Za said...

Hmm... I phrased that badly - should have read "if a war is illegal, you have to..."