Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Travesty Of Justice

We have millions of illegal immigrants, some of which are extremely violent, running all over this country and yet we have border agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos in prison. We have Rocksprings, Texas deputy Gilmer Hernandez facing 10 years in prison. And now that very dangerous Dog Chapman is being extradited to Mexico and is facing four years in prison for arresting a very violent rapist. What the hell is going on? Why does this government continue to bow down to pressure from the Mexican government? I see what this country's becoming and I don't like it. We let others dictate to us how we should be doing things then we sit back while they tell us to go to hell. I fear for the future of this country.


Van Helsing said...

Mexican prisons aren't as comfy as ours. I fear for the future of this country too, and I also fear for the future of Dog Chapman.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, it seems that the universal disdain with which America regards other nations (especially those to the South) is coming back to haunt you.
I've heard a lot of Americans ask 'why should we give a shit what the rest of the world thinks (... they can kiss my ass)?
I would of thought that cases such as these would answer that. Just like a court/legal system 'back home', if they think that you don't take them seriously, a foreign will come 'down on you hard'.

Hearing on a regular basis that they can 'kiss my ass' might make judiciary in other lands feel less confident in the sincerity of american respect for their laws.

In recent years a large number of Australians have gotten the maximum sentence in Asian countries for drugs related crime. Despite the fact that Australians don't take such overt pleasure in telling other nations to 'kiss my ass' there is the strong perception that the heavy sentences have related not taking the laws seriously in the relevant Asian countries.

(Without knowing the full background) I would have thought that the bounty-hunter who gained fame/tv show via disregard of Mexican law might have trouble convincing the authorities that he had anything but contempt for them.

Shooting at someone who presents no visible threat might also convey a a 'sense of disregard for the law'