Monday, July 14, 2008

Get Over It

Everyone in the country claims to love the first amendment. We hold it up on high when we want to say or do something that may be unpopular. Burn the flag? First amendment. Say curse words on television or radio? First amendment. Tell the world of a secret military mission in Iraq? First amendment. We embrace it. That is until something offends us, then to hell with it. We're all guilty of it. I know I am.

Obama campaign outraged by New Yorker cover. As the title says, Get Over It. 1) The New Yorker is a left-wing publication that's pro-Obama. 2) This cover is actually making fun of "ignorant Conservatives" who believe all these things about Obama. And 3) Where was all this outrage when cartoonists were making President Bush out to be a Nazi or a jackass or a retard for the past eight years? I was watching a piece about this on CNN Headline News and the pro-Obama guy they were talking to said that he's never seen anyone attacked during a campaign like Obama has been. All I could do was laugh and think "where the hell have you been for the past eight years"?