Friday, July 18, 2008

Media Bias Is Reaching Absured Levels

We all know that the majority of the media in this country needs to change their underwear every time they talk about Barack Obama, but the bias for him is starting to reach levels that have never been seen. The "Big 3" are sending their anchors across Europe and the Middle East with Sen. Obama. Not correspondents, but Williams, Gibson and Couric themselves. John McCain has made three trips to the Middle East in the past four months with very little mention let alone with Katie Couric going with him. Is anyone else reminded of the Disciples following the Messiah to the Holy Land when hearing this. Obama sneezes and the media talk about it for days while McCain can't buy airtime on the nightly news.

Follow me, my children


Anonymous said...

Remember we have all those mean talk radio guys who just don't get it. They can make the nightly news "all Obama"...and then whine about talk radio.