Friday, July 11, 2008

7 Dirty Politically Incorrect Words

As we all know, or at least anyone with any common sense anyway, political correctness has gotten out of hand. As witnessed by my two previous posts. Anyway, back in December of last year I did a post where I attempted to update George Carlin's famous "7 Dirty Words" bit. I've decided to add 7 new politically incorrect words to that list.

How dare you. "Black" is the new "nigger". If you don't say "African American" you're a racist. This also applies to any other race or nationality. You'd better add the country in which the person lives in to it.

What a horrible word. It's "Little People" or "Dwarf" you insensitive ass.

"Native American". We're not savages anymore. I guess I need to change my name to Native American Chris.

Man or Woman
It's now "Person", "People" or "Human Being". And if you want to truly PC, it's "Hir" or "Ze". There is no long a need for a specific gender any more.

Disabled or Handicap
They're "Handicapable" or "Differently Abled".

I'm not "Fat", I'm "Big Boned" or "Differently Sized Person". Or if you like, "It's The Fault Of The Fast Food Companies, Not Theirs".

Politically Correct
Yes, PC is on it's way out. The new term is "Culturally Sensitive", or if you want to be totally CS, "Tolerant".

Now, just remember to use these new Culturally Sensitive words so as not to offend anyone and the world will be a much better place.


Unknown said...

Damn, that isn't that half of it.

Despite what you might ideas you might get from responses I've left on your previous posts on PC BS, PC shits me to tears.

The biggest problem with PC is there isn't any rules, I'm sure you've all met someone from some minority that doesn't like the PC term for their minority.
I know a few very short people who'd punch me in the testicles if I called them a 'little person', 'dwarf' (and no midget isn't the answer either), so instead I just avoid referring to whatever it is you call someone who's 3'6 tall.
Likewise even in Australia I've met a few Americans who are 'Black' (not African American, saying 'what the eff do I know about Africa?)... I'm sure you folks in the US have met Americans who are 'Black' - not 'Africa American'?

I'm thinking that Respect ought to get you by in this life, but with P.C. it doesn't seem to work.

Another of those P.C. terms is 'chair', as in person controlling a meeting, once was 'chairman', but some 'tools' go with 'chairperson', but most 'chair'... it seems stupid calling someone a bit of furniture, but there you go, that's PC for you.

If only were as simple as having a few 'cultural sensitive' terms for peoples/groups/things...
I don't call anyone anything if they are close enough to shoot/bitch-slap/blow me up....

Christopher Lee said...

I'm sure you've all met someone from some minority that doesn't like the PC term for their minority.

Right here. I'm half Cherokee and I can't stand the term "Native American". I'm not "Native American". They were here long before this was America. If you need to call me something, try my tribe name. Not Cherokee, that's not it. It's Tsa-la-gi (pronounced chaw-la-gee) or A-ni-yv-wi-ya (pronounced ah knee yuh wee yaw).

Has Hell frozen over or something? We actually agree on something. I'm actually stunned. PC is fine, to a point, but when the term "black hole" starts being considered racist it's gone too far.

Unknown said...

PC is a 'cheat sheet' for people who can't do 'respect'.

Idiots are idiots, no code of 'political correctness' can stop idiots from being stupid.

PC... an attempt to help stupid people get by without pissing too many people off, that's dragged in the rest of us.

Idiots do stupid things, let them make fools of themselves so we all can have a laugh at their stupidity without getting stomped by the niceness nazis (sorry, PC police).

"Has Hell frozen over or something? We actually agree on something. I'm actually stunned"
I think we might agree on more than you know, it's only when we disagree that you hear about it. for the 'black hole' thing, I think there's a judge who heard an objection, realised that it had something to do with race, but missed a quite witty joke, and then highlighted that he didn't get the joke by making a ridiculous ruling, just an idiot with too much power.

While your explanation of your cultural background was interesting (thanks), I might stick to calling you Chris, I'm less likely to get that wrong, besides, I have no need to (or right) to bulldoze through family history. It would be like you calling me 'whiteboy Murphy', or AngloCeltic Australian... when is that stuff ever important/relevant?

Unknown said...

... oh, and you forgot 'affirmative action' for the list... (that's a winner if ever there was one).

... affirmative action, there's some 'good intention' that's gone horribly wrong in many incarnations.

I can't think of an easier way of creating a lose-lose situation