Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Che" Was Just Misunderstood

Benicio Del Toro walks out of an interview about his movie Che.

What is it with Hollywood's, and Liberals in general, love affair with people like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and "Che" Guevara? I don't understand it. But, then again, my IQ is over 70. Do they not realize what people like this are responsible for? Or is it that they don't care? Castro and Guevara are terrorists. Plain and simple. And Chavez is a dictator in training. They screamed about Bush taking away our rights then headed down to Venezuela and embraced Chavez. I honestly believe that had Sean Penn or Danny Glover been around in the 30's and 40's they would have went to Germany and befriended Hitler.


BetteJo said...

I have to agree.

Tami said...

I am sure they think Jane Fonda is a hero also. They should all be labeled as traitors.


Unknown said...

"[had] Danny Glover been around in the 30's and 40's [he] would have [gone] to Germany and befriended Hitler"
Isn't it more likely that he'd have a rope around his neck and be swinging from a tree (for getting 'uppity')?

I'm not sure that he'd be any more welcome in Germany - except his reception would be a 'Zylkon B sauna' rather than a 'hemp collar'.

Damn traitors - shoot 'em all!
...how dare they contemplate the ideas of a different bunch of murders!