Monday, May 4, 2009

To The Vet

6am? Why the hell am I up at 6am? I've posted in the past about my dog and his medical problems. It's gotten worse since then. Just over a year later and he's now got a yeast infection, which he's had for a few months, and now he may have Cushing's Syndrome. The doctor who's been seeing him for the past six months or so doesn't know what she's doing. Kept pointing things out to her and it never raised any flags. So I took him in on Friday for a followup and the main doctor just looked at him and knew something wasn't right. So I have to take him in this morning for some tests. Now if this "doctor" who'd been seeing him knew anything I could have been done with this months ago and could have already started trying to get him better. But it might be too late, I don't know. Fingers crossed that they find what's wrong with him and we can start doing what needs to be done. The tests they need to do will apparently take all day, so I'll give an update when I find something out.

I just go the call about 30 minutes ago. He didn't make it. He's had problems with his heart and last night he was having trouble breathing. Sitting there last night, watching him, I knew it wasn't good. I had to start preparing myself for what could happen. If I'd known the last time I would see him would be this morning as I dropped him off I would have said a longer goodbye. He had 12 good years, but this last year had just been bad. At least that's all done with. I've lost count how many times I've had to stop while typing this. I have to go to the vet after while to fill out some forms to have him cremated. There's another stop. But I'll be fine. I'm going to take a few days and should be back later this week. But I will get the Wednesday Hero post up.


BetteJo said...

Oh that's awful, so so sorry. I'm a crazy cat lady and my oldest is 16. I'm getting worried, I don't want to prepare. But - we get attached to our animals, they are the only ones who love us without reservation or judgment. So, grieving is only natural.
Take care~

M*A said...

So sorry to hear this Chris. Bette Jo is right...our animals give us unconditional love. Take some time...and remember...all dogs *do* go to heaven.

MadamRude said...

Chris, I'm very sorry. You and I lost our babies at the same time. Only one thing can sort of comfort us - knowing they're not suffering anymore. I'm deeply sorry.