Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fox News, The Big Dog

Have any of you actually sat and wondered why Fox News Channel is so dominate? Why they're able to crush CNN and MSNBC day after day, week after week, year after year. Is their right-leaning coverage? Is it Bill O'Reilly himself. No. It's not that hard to figure out. Just watch their prime time line-up. On their prime block, 7PM-10PM CST, FNC covers stories like states that won't pass Jessica's Law, the border problem, the latest asinine news from the ACLU and the screw ups at the UN. While MSNBC's number story of the night is "American Idol" and Britney Spears. Plus you got Keith Olbermann who's a complete waterbrain jackass. He actually had comedian Carlos Mencia come on and be his "expert" on illegal immigration. I like Mencia and all, but having him be your expert? And I don't even watch CNN. No one with an IQ over 70 watches CNN. I mean really, is it any wonder FNC has become number one in less than ten years?
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Anonymous said...

Couldn't have anything to do with the fact that it's the primary news channel of one of the fatest corporations on the planet either.

Christopher Lee said...

You know what I hear when I hear people rail against FNC? Wa-Wa-Wa. Time Warner, the corporation behind CNN, is pretty big itself. So why then is CNN doing so bad? And MSNBC? They had Microsoft, until they dropped out. But they still have NBC. I huge corporation. Why are they last? No matter what you think, money doesn't buy viewers. News Corp has never payed me to watch FNC.

Anonymous said...

I'm not "railing" against it - that would be me calling it the Fake News Channel (since Fox forced through the case stating that news channels are legally allowed to lie to the public).

No, what I'm saying is that Fox News is branded while the other channels aren't. Fox has its fingers in so many pies that it is, in itself, a brandname to sell a certain image. Add to that that they have their own news channel...

However, it turns out that you are incorrect. CNN has the most viewers, Fox comes in second (MSNBC comes in third). Fox merely has the most long-term viewers.

In effect, while CNN gets the widest viewing, Fox gets the most consistent viewing, meaning that they get the same ideological group shouting out what it says. The appearance of dominance is just that though - an appearance. Loudness doesn't equal size. Sorry.