Monday, July 19, 2010

Joseph Goebbels Would Be Proud

What? You mean someone would take a tape and edit it to make Tea Party protesters look like racists? Bull. It's some sort of Fox News/George W. Bush lie.

Then there's this video of a woman giving a speech at NAACP dinner in which she admits that she didn't really too far out of her way to help a White farmer but instead directs him to a White lawyer because she recons he would better off getting help from "one of his own kind". More Fox News/George W. Bush lies I'm sure. Don't look for the established media to pick up on these stories.

And I just learned off of Twitter that the woman in the NAACP video has resigned, so now it can be swept under the rug and never brought up again. Unless your racist that is.


Silke said...

Chris said: Don't look for the established media to pick up on these stories.

The first I heard about this was in the New York Times.

I also found the story on CNN and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Are they considered "established media?"

Silke said...

Chris, please update your post. As it explains in the stories I linked to above (the ones you claimed would not be picked up by the established media) – the woman goes on to explain in her speech that she realized her initial reaction was wrong and she went on to help and even befriend this family.

The title for your post is actually very fitting but not for the reasons you think. The video released by was selectively edited. It gives the exact opposite story of what actually happened 28 years ago.

Christopher Lee said...

I am pleasantly surprised to see the media doing it's job instead of listening to people like Alan Colmes and ignoring stories.

Silke said...

I'm glad you're pleasantly surprised, but you're missing the point.

The real story here (one you have yet to post about) is that the initial story was completely misleading. This woman is not a racist. She admitted her initial impression was wrong and went on to help this farmer and his family over 20 years ago.

Why haven't you posted about that?

Christopher Lee said...

Hold your horses. It's coming tomorrow.