Thursday, July 22, 2010

More On Shirley Sherrod & The NAACP

The Shirley Sherrod story has another hitch. It seems, and I haven't seen the tape yet, that she was telling a story about something that happened almost 30 years ago. So she thought about being racist then thought better of it. But there's a question that I need to ask. Was this all a set up to try further discredit some? We've seen a number of people on CNN and MSNBC blame FNC for this and the NAACP, despite having the tape and knowing what she was talking about, is now blaming FNC and Breitbart for their, the NAACP, reaction to the story. And did Gibbs try to blame Fox yesterday? I'm not sure. It stands to reason that the NAACP would know how some would react to this, especially after the whole Tea Party resolution stunt. A Black person talking about not helping a White person. People fell for it hook, line and sinker. Myself included. We should have been more vigilant. That was our fault. But it does seem a little convenient that it would surface when it did. And was the tape that was released not the whole thing? In the article above it says
She said that a video of her entire speech would reveal that she described...
I don't know. But if it was a stunt then it seems to have gotten a little out of control when some in the government decided to get involved.

Look, I honestly don't know if it was a stunt or not, it probably wasn't, but should we be afraid to ask the question? I don't think so. It's our obligation to do so. And it's actually the job of journalists to ask these sorts of question and then to look into them. With the political climate in this country the way it is today, anything's possible.


Silke said...

I’m really surprised you’re going for the conspiracy theory angle on this one Chris. No evidence, just pure speculation and questions. How disappointing.

No one forced to post a highly edited video that claims evidence of racism from a federal appointee and no one forced FOX News to post that same deceptively edited video. But instead of criticizing them for their third-rate journalism you wonder whether they are the victims of a set-up.

The NAACP and the Obama Administration were wrong for their cowardice of the Right and their rush to judgment, so they look just as bad. Some set-up.