Saturday, December 3, 2005
Indian Chris says her husband mismanaged country. He sat on his fat ass while we were attacked time after time after time.

Credit: Anthony

*February 1993 - WTC bombed by al-Qaeda. Bubba didn't care.

*October 1993 - 18 US servicemen killed by an al-Qaeda trained Somalia militia. Bubba didn't care

*June 1996 - 19 US servicemen killed in an attack on a US military housing complex in Saudi Arabia by al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. Bubba didn't care.

*February 1998 - 222 people killed in an al-Qaeda attack on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Bubba doesn't care, but because he's being investigated he proceeds to bomb an aspirin factory in the Sudan to "wag the dog", or distract from the news that Monica Lewinsky had just came before Ken Starr's grand jury to testify.

*October 2000 - 17 American sailors killed in a suicide attack on the USS Cole perpetrated by al-Qaeda. Bubba didn't care.

*September 2001 - WTC attacked when members of al-Qaeda fly planes into the North and South towers. W declares war and we have yet to have another attack on American soil.

And while not a terrorist attack, in 1996 Bubba proceeded to bomb Iraq without the consent of Congress nor the U.N. Funny how many of those who say we illegally went into Iraq forget about this.


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Here goes the Hildebeast - tearing up the campaign trail!

elmers brother said...

We still don't have an exit strategy from Kosovo nor did we get UN approval for it.

(thanks for the link BTW)

Indian Chris said...

Kosovo? We still have troops in Korea and Germany. Some people don't realize that we may have troops in Iraq for the next 20 years or more.

Za said...

We still don't have an exit strategy from Kosovo nor did we get UN approval for it.
And the Republicans whined about that at the time - now they're calling anyone who mentions that about Iraq "America haters" and "irresponsible" for "not supporting the President in a time of war". Go figure.