Saturday, April 8, 2006

Are Democrats Right?

Did Bush order the NSA to tap my phone call to Uncle Steve about Grandma Anne's birthday? The Bush haters would like to think this article is the proverbial "smoking gun", but it's not. Now, should this really be the beginnings of proof that the NSA is purposefully tapping phone calls of random American citizens who are in no way connected to terrorists then I will pull a 180 and call for the end of this program. But until that proof is given, I think I'll continue to support it.
Credit: Hooah Wife

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Anonymous said...

Like I have said before; the FISA court is ONLY for wiretapping US citizens..not foriegn terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Of course the fact that the NSA wiretapping scandal is ABOUT wiretapping people within the US (which John so nicely glosses over), and the fact that the FBI has been complaining that none of the names they've been given by the NSA's wiretapping program amounted to anything isn't a smoking gun, no siree.

Chris - please, keep deluding yourself. Any time you want indepth information about what's been going on though, please just ask.