Saturday, February 18, 2006

Racism: Alive And Well

This is something I wanted to draw your attention to. Now it may seem like it's only a post about an English soccer team, but it's indicative of a bigger issue. Racism and anti-semitism are on the rise in Europe. Do a search for european racism rise and see what comes up. The worst places seem to be Germany and Italy. I've hidden a picture of a player giving the Nazi salute after scoring a goal. I've hidden it because I don't want that garbage to be right in plain view. I've seen the actual footage of this Italian player giving the salute. The crowd went wild with excitement. In places like Spain and Italy entire groups of these people will have their own section in the stadiums and chant their hateful songs at the black players. Not just fifty or sixty people. But hundreds of them. Europe is supposed to be this open minded, enlightened haven. Better than America. More understanding. Yet racism is on the rise while here in ignorant America we've somehow gotten a handle on it, more or less. It still exists, yeah, but no where near the level it does in Europe.
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Anonymous said...

It hasn't occured to you to check to see how many results for the word "German" come up as Nazi stuff has it?

A friend of mine did that recently (a right-winger no less - supports our Liberal Party), and came up with a figure along the lines of 95%.

So according to google, 95% of Germans with internet access are Nazis. Go figure.

Also, has it occured to you that those salutes have been stereotyped as being Nazi, rather than it just being the players saluting the crowd? That sort of thing (mistaking a gesture for having another meaning) happens a hell of a lot.

The Chief said...

Hey Indian Chris,

I like your blog and your attitude, but it bothers me alittle to post under "skinwalker". I grew up on the Navajo reservation. I'm not Indian, I grew up with Indians. Anyhow, to Navajos a "Skin Walker" is a very bad dude. I'm linking your blog to mine. Come visit sometime.


Christopher Lee said...

Oh my God, Za, you of all people finding a way to condone it. That really surprises me. But in that picture, that's the Nazi salute. If you ever get the chance to see the video, it's very clear of that.

seaspook, I just needed something that sounded Indian for all these white people that visit. That was the coolest thing I could come up with.

Anonymous said...

I'm not condoning it - I'm saying you probably don't understand what's going on in those pictures, and even if you're right, it's in no way indicative of the situation across the entirety of Europe.

"Nazi salutes", as I said, are the most stereotyped action in existance - and it's quite easy to do one without attempting to make any reference to the Nazis.

I've got nothing against the article you linked to though. It's a legit concern after all.