Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Our good friend Michael Moore has been caught in another lie.
"I don't own a single share of stock"
'Ol Chunky Butt Himself
Turns out he does. He owns stock in Halliburton. HALLIBURTON. The company he panned in his mockumentary F911. He also owns stock in a company called Best Foods. Do I need to make the joke? I may have to get that book.
I Found This Story @ Elephant In My Coffee


Opinionnation said...

Is it actually true? Man would I love this story to be played all over the media. I think I know what book I'll be buying next.

Indian Chris said...

Don't look for Big Media to cover this story too much. Maybe H&C, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

BFD, Moore was right on the war, Wilson was too.

Your zodiak sign sums it up; SHEEP! Keep
watching faux news, and drinking that blood red coolaid!

Indian Chris said...

1) I noticed how you just ignored the post. Typical.

2) I beleive it's spelled Kool-Aid.