Friday, October 27, 2006

Wise Sage Of The Day

"Liberals never see evil. Except in America and GWB."
John K


Anonymous said...

America's not evil. Just selfish.

Personally, I'm talking to Americans, hence I talk about America's problems.

Were I talking to an Iranian, I'd be talking about Iranian politics.

Were I talking to a Lebanese person (and I have, on quite a few occasions), I'd be talking about Lebanese politics - probably Hezbollah and the problems with allowing them to act the way they have (which I did).

Were I talking to a Muslim (and again, I have), I'd be talking about Islamic doctrine and how that applies to politics.

But the problem with Conservatives is that they believe everyone should come out condemn things that they have no influence or personal relation to. And they also don't seem to believe in personal responsibility; glazing over it with the glories of a bygone age.

Yeah, the US has done great things. Doesn't mean it's still screwing up; or that we shouldn't address screw ups.