Monday, January 2, 2006
Still not convinced Gov. Kathleen Blanco is an inept leader. Well, this should help. Big areas of her state are in ruin and what's her number one concern? The remodeling of some of the offices in the Capital Building.
"The newly refurbished office space on the sixth floor of the State Capitol includes hookups and mounts for two flat screen televisions, Swedish granite countertops, walnut paneling and frosted laminated glass. The floor, which will not be accessible to the public, was redesigned to add three new offices, a conference room and file storage areas."
All to the tune of $564,838 to which Gov. Blanco is proposing budget cuts to state programs and the possibility of laying off 20 percent of the state workforce to pay for it all. Wish I could say I was surprised or even shocked, but I'm not.