Thursday, March 16, 2006

Classified Iraqi Documents

Anthony has a great post up about the release of declassified documents on Iraq that were collected in the runup to the war. You should all read over and read it.
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Anonymous said...

I love the way he glosses over the fact that much of what Saddam did, he did with US approval and support.

So the nonsense about "illegal dealings with the US's so-called allies" is kinda bogus.

Christopher Lee said...

Za, do these words ring a bell?

A person is not defined by their past actions, but instead by their current actions.

They should. They're your own words. But I guess they don't apply to everything. Yes, the US made a mistake in the past by dealing with Saddam. But you can't seem to get past that. Had we known what he would end up becoming I can guarantee we would have never had anything to do with him. Same with bin Laden. We got bitten in the ass, our fault. Let it go

Opinionnation said...

I wouldn't call it a mistake it was more of a strategic necessity. Za can't quite grasp the fact that during that time period the United States felt it was in our interest to befriend Iraq because of Iran. Guess what Za; the United States was for a time an actual ally of Joseph Stalin. And you know what, it was the right thing to do because of the threat that Hitler posed. The tendency to ignore the issue at hand by bringing up irrelevant facts is a mainstay of those who are afraid to admit the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes Chris, very familiar.

I'm judging the US by the way it acts now - it doesn't take responsibility. As a nation, it acts like a child - doing whatever it wants, bursting into tears when it doesn't get its way, and chucking a tantrum any time its actions come back to trouble it.

As individuals, I have nothing against Americans. But as a nation, collective responsibility is VERY important.

However, my point was that Mr Opinion points the finger at Saddam for all the evils, when the majority of those evils started in the US. Sure - condemn Saddam. But don't forget to add on the list of Americans who gave him the ability and pushed him in the right direction - because until Kuwait, Saddam didn't do anything big without checking in with Uncle Sam first.

And no, it wasn't a strategic necessity to fund just about any and every militant group in the Middle East. Iraq was a democracy before the US funded the Ba'athists. And it didn't have anything to do with Iran - Iran was WAY later. They were afraid that Qassim was turning Iraq just a bit too communist.