Friday, March 17, 2006

More On Saddam And al-Qeada

This is a follow up to my post Classified Iraqi Documents. For four years now people all over the world have been attacking Bush for going into Iraq. How sweet would it be for all that to blow up right in their faces. And if documents like these keep coming out it just might. It seems there may just have been ties between Saddam and bin Laden after all. Now note, I said seems. Don't go flying off the handle claiming I said this is proof, because I didn't. But the case for going into Iraq does seem to be getting stronger.
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The Chief said...


Best to wait and see. Regardless, histroy will eventually vindicate the Pres., but the MSM and the libs will never admit they were wrong.

By the way, have you been over to visit Dr. Yeagley at Bad Eagle:

Christopher Lee said...

Cool, thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I feel I should point you in this direction.

See, I was researching to knock down Opinionnation's false claim that Bush had never linked Saddam and 9/11 (when in fact Bush said "He [Saddam] probably was behind this [9/11] in the end"), and I went over some of the old stuff relating to the 9/11 Commission, which had access to all classified documents related to Al Qaeda, 9/11, and of course Saddam, since it was so popular to connect the three at the time.

So let's have a history refresher:
1) Bin Laden "explored possible cooperation with Iraq", but "Iraq apparently never responded".
2) "Two senior bin Laden associates have adamantly denied that any ties existed between al Qaeda and Iraq."
3) Bin Laden had even supported "anti-Saddam Islamists in Iraqi Kurdistan."

However, something that seems to have been adamantly avoided was that the 9/11 Commissions found clear links between Al Qaeda and Iran.

Christopher Lee said...

Uh oh, if bin Laden's lackys say it it's gots to be true. Lord knows they're the most honest men on the planet. With all these newly declassified documents coming out we'll just have to wait for the final word.

Anonymous said...

Well, comparing Osama's men, and the Bush administration... I can't actually count the number of times I've heard the Bush administration lie.

I've yet to hear a single lie come from Al Qaeda. I mean, I don't doubt that they do... but they've currently got more credibility than your favoured politician.

Christopher Lee said...

You know what Za, you're right. America is a horrible, evil place that cares about nothing but war and screwing people over. Every American who's died in a "terror" attack had it coming because we brought it on ourselves. Because of something we did 20 years ago. Osama bin Laden is a better man than Bush and should be given the nobel prize because he's an honest man. We right-wing idiots love Hitler and want all Arabs to die.

I give up. You'll never let go of your close minded view of this country so what's the point? I'll continue to post your comments but I'm going to let others waste their time arguing with you. It's not worth it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Equivocating earns you extra marks, sorry Chris.

When I said Bush has got a worse record for lies than Al Qaeda, that's all it meant.

It's you who said all the rest. Bush is not America. I don't know how many times I've had to tell you that.