Monday, January 2, 2006
Speak To Me/Breathe In The Air.wma

I've talked about this album long enough. Now it's time to show just why Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon is the greatest album ever written. All this month I will giving it to you, for free. If you've never heard it, but have been wondering what's so special about it or want to rediscover it again then here's your chance. There's just something magical about DSOTM. The music, the lyrics, the ambiance. But, if you do download, don't skip a song. The album was done so as to be one long song broke into nine parts, with the exception of one song. You skip one song and you'll miss the beginning of the next. And be sure to listen with headphones or you won't get the true experience. And sorry for it being in WMA format, but for some reason ripping it in MP3 was cutting songs off and doing other strange things.
Dark Side Of The Moon