Sunday, January 1, 2006
The apocalypse is here my friends. Fires, floods, record highs and lows all on the first day of 2006. All Bush's fault no doubt. But seriously, while California is getting flooded we here in The Great State Of OklahomaTM are being surrounded by wildfires stretching from Oklahoma City, around 100 miles away from me, to Jenks, around 30 miles away from me with no rain in sight. If I stop blogging for awhile it's because my home's on fire and I'm running for my life. Well, not exactly running, but walking pretty gosh darn fast.
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Za said...

[sarcasm]Obviously Bush's fault - everything's his fault after all... it couldn't be global warming, now could it?[/sarcasm]

Incidentally, after Bush admitted that there was such a thing as global warming (back in June 2002), Rush Limbaugh who has been considered one of the biggest media political movers called him "George W. Algore"... oddly enough the White House then attempted to retract Bush's statement.