Monday, December 13, 2004
There's so many things wrong with this. First, the Times wants us to think that the Bush WH is embarrassed by Kerik having to drop his name for the nomination of homeland security secretary. This is embarrassing for Bush. I guess the Times has forgotten the three Clinton nominees that had to drop out because of the same thing. Second, the Times wants us to believe that the relationship between W and Rudy is strained now.
"Although people close to the president say he likes and respects Mr. Giuliani, they say the president has long been leery of him as a man who could not be counted on for the loyalty demanded by Mr. Bush"
I don't know about you, but it looks to me like Giuliani is very loyal to Bush, and that he knows it. And I love this part of the piece. They're talking about the 2000 election, more specifically the primaries.
"The mayor ended up endorsing the better bet, Mr. Bush. But during the Republican primary in New York the following March, he barely appeared in public at the side of Mr. Bush, who was fresh from his embrace of religious conservatives in the South Carolina primary. Instead, Mr. Giuliani lavished praise on the independent-minded Mr. McCain. Mr. Giuliani's advisers worried at the time that if the mayor made too many appearances with Mr. Bush, he would alienate the Democrats and swing voters he needed to defeat Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Bush's advisers brushed off the mayor's brush-off as a necessity of New York politics.

But Republicans say that Mr. Bush felt little affection for Mr. Giuliani, and that he was particularly perplexed as the mayor allowed his personal life to unravel publicly in the spring of 2000"
Well, there you have it folks. Proof that Rudy and W don't like each other. I don't get the NY Times, but I'm thinking of subscribing. I need a good laugh in the mornings. Oh sure, I have Regis & Kelly, but they can only do so much.

I have some special posts starting tomorrow that'll go until Christmas. I'm sure you can guess what it is and I think you may like them.

You lost, Kerry. Get over already. God, what a baby.
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